SENTRUM Methane Recovery Monitoring System

SENTRUM… An advanced methane recovery monitoring system for CDM, Gas-to-Energy and Environmental Safety projects

Sentrum systems utilise state-of-the-art software to deliver the most accurate and reliable methane recovery monitoring on the market today.

Methane is a valuable commodity but it is also an extremely potent and dangerous greenhouse gas.  Its capture and utilisation can have enormous environmental, economic and social benefits.

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and the Joint Initiative (JI) Flexible Mechanism, agreed under the Kyoto Protocol, have made methane recovery monitoring a key revenue stream for mining industries around the globe.

In addition, a new awareness of the value of waste gases for power generation, or for direct sale to aggregators, has led to a demand for increased accuracy in monitoring the extraction processes for these gases.

Even companies not involved in gas-to-energy or CDM/JI projects need to have efficient methane recovery monitoring systems, to ensure minimum downtime and maximum safety for protection of personnel and plant.

For all of these uses, accurate measurement is crucial. But until now, most methane recovery monitoring systems have been frighteningly inaccurate because the presence of other gases and compounds in the gas mixture of many methane recovery systems can fool conventional sensors into errors of up to 30% and sometimes even more. And these kinds of errors can endanger lives, damage valuable equipment and machinery and lead to problems with regulatory authorities.

Trolex are the only company in the world to manufacture and support a methane recovery monitoring system that functions across a range of industries, for many applications, putting us at the forefront of the Clean Development Mechanism, gas-to-energy and safety monitoring movements. SENTRUM utilises proven technology to deliver bespoke, high-accuracy solutions to our clients specific requirements - allowing them to maximise safety, increase profits, and to comfortably meet legal and regulatory requirements.

Experts in methane recovery monitoring for half a century

For 50 years, Trolex have supplied specialist, reliable environmental monitoring systems to underground coal mines and tunnelling projects, and have been a preferred supplier to the petrochemical industry, the major utilities and a wide variety of heavy process industries around the globe.

Methane recovery monitoring for safety and efficiency has always been a crucial aspect of industrial processes involving methane, but the high profile of the Kyoto Protocol and the Clean Development Mechanism and the move towards gas-to-energy projects has placed an even greater emphasis on accuracy and reliability of monitoring.

Data integrity and verification, guaranteed accuracy levels, and the ability to access information in real-time from any location in the World are standard features of the Trolex systems.

And, we offer a worldwide support and maintenance network, giving our clients peace-of-mind and local access to knowledge and resources.

The world leader in methane recovery monitoring

The unique SENTRUM methane recovery monitoring system, manufactured by Trolex, allows companies involved in mining and petrochemical processing, who are capturing methane and burning it off or selling it,  ensure complete accuracy of measurement, total system integrity and maximum protection for plant and personnel - and, in the process, to maximise revenues through carbon credits, sale of gas, power generation and operational efficiency.

Numerous industrial processes produce methane (mining, borehole monitoring, various petrochemical and wastewater processes, etc). Not only is methane highly dangerous, but it has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) 21 times that of CO2, presenting an environmental threat on a global scale.

This global concern requires a world-class solution. Trolex works with project developers, end-users, engineering companies, consultants and advisors to methane-based projects, providing solutions in even the most hazardous operating environments.